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Atsuita Press Industry plant has acquired ISO9001 international certification for its quality management system.

Together, we create and offer the values of our diversified customers.
Three-dimensional bend with Press and Spinning
“Project and proposal type technological group” Atsuita Press Industry Co.,Ltd.
Our only goal is "Customer Satisfaction".

Our only goal is "Customer Satisfaction".
With that feeling, we continue the challenge of the unknown possibilities of all our customers needs.
The circumference manufacturing process is centered on the unnecessary spinning of the press and the inexpensive tooling cost of in-house press made metal dies.
Enrichment of full size groove cutting and can manufacturing. Any shape, any size, any thickness, any material... There is no impossibility.
"Thinness/lightening","High strength", and "Supply/quality stability""Environmental consideration" Various advantages arise by our technology.

We have technology that makes the customer’s idea and image shape.


What advantages are there concerning the pressing and spinning processes?

The efficiency improves by improved strength, lightening, and structural design of curved surface shapes.
For instance, by changing die cast (cast metal) and finished machined goods to bent goods, the cost of materials is able to be reduced. This is particularly effective with rare metals.
The weld line of the steel structure can be decreased, the man-hour, and the nondestructive testing expense can be reduced.
Having a curved exterior surface makes a scenery-like appearance.

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With the  regional society

We exhibit our products in  “International Gas Turbine Congress 2011 Osaka”.
November 14(Mon) – 17(Thu) 2011
Osaka International Convention Center, Osaka, Japan
We exhibit our products in “International Gas Turbine Congress 2011 Osaka”.
We exhibit our products such as Single-Seam Transition Piece and our technologies.

For more information,
Our press technique was published in "Experimental market 2010" special magazine exhibition

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