Knuckles stamping/bending results


Inside diameter φ29500 mm
Sheet thickness 32 mm
Material SLA325A
Knuckles refer to the shell plates that are located on the outside diameter side of pressure vessels that are manufactured in segments.
Similar to segmented heads, knuckles are also manufactured using a process that involves accurate stamping, bending, spinning, model unfolding, and sheet metalworking and welded assembly.
In order to ensure that assembly proceeds smoothly at the installation site or the customer’s factory, we temporarily assemble the parts before shipping in order to ensure quality for stamping jobs involving knuckles only as well.
For large-scale knuckles in particular, we perform assembly inspections in a progressive process. Large-scale parts must be assembled and adjusted while paying attention to key points specific to large-scale parts that affect quality.
We have experience creating parts with sheet thicknesses of 90 mm and above. We offer solutions that employ a number of segments that make our parts suitable for ground transport by using our material development technology based on our deep experience.

In some situations, we may be able solutions for reducing the number of segments by using our unique stamping technology. Please contact us for details.

Examples of manufactured parts

Inside diameter φ23874mm
Sheet thickness 9mm
Material SS400

Inside diameter φ7900mm
Sheet thickness 80mm
Material SS400

Inside diameter φ10300mm
Sheet thickness 24mm
Material SGV480
Inside diameter φ3536mm
Sheet thickness 12 m
Material WELL-HARD400

Inside diameter φ9100mm
Sheet thickness 27mm
Material SUS304

外径 φ6604mm
Sheet thickness 80mm
Material SS400

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